Child Protection Symposium

Nos dias 14 e 15 de março, uma equipe de profissionais do Sant’Anna International School, formada por Líder de Curso, Counselor, Professor e representante do RH, participou de um treinamento sobre “Child Protection” (Proteção da Criança), que foi realizado na EAC – Escola Americana de Campinas com a presença de outras escolas internacionais.

Esta foi mais uma etapa de treinamento e preparação de nossos profissionais em relação ao tema, que é uma preocupação em vários países.

O treinamento foi desenvolvido por especialistas Norte Americanos, que trabalharam com situações reais que as escolas enfrentam ou podem enfrentar. Também abordaram e sugeriram procedimentos a serem adotados em variadas ocorrências.

A experiência adquirida durante esse treinamento será compartilhada com os demais profissionais do Sant’ Anna.


On March 14 and 15, a group of professionals from Sant’Anna International School, consisting of a coordinator, a counselor, a teacher and a HR representative, participated in a “Child Protection” workshop held at EAC – The American School in Campinas, along with other international schools.

This was the next phase of training and preparation of our staff in reference to the theme, which is a concern in various countries.

The workshop was carried out by North American specialist, who work with real situations that schools may face currently, or be faced with in the future. They also addressed and suggested procedures for various incidents.

The experience gained during the workshop will be shared with all of Sant’Anna’s staff.

Conheça os especialistas que ministraram o evento:
Katia Dantas, MA Policy Director for Lain America & the Caribbean | ICMEC Katia Dantas manages the articulation and implementation of ICMEC’s multi-disciplinary program across her region. Fluent in three languages, Ms. Dantas has been instrumental in raising public awareness, spurring legislative change, and implementing new initiatives through extensive collaboration with regional bodies, government representatives, and NGOs. She has trained and presented extensively in virtually every country in her region at regional, national, and local events on the topics of sexual exploitation, child abduction/missing children, and in person and online abuse. Katia has received numerous honors and currently serves on the Brazilian Federal Police Academy Research Group on cybercrimes. She earned her Master of International Development Policy from Duke University and brings deep legislative, cultural, and experiential knowledge of her region to training participants.

Katia Dantas, MA – Policy Director for Lain America & the Caribbean | ICMEC]

Child Abuse Physician | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Medical Director Global Initiative for Child Health & Well-Being | ICMEC Dr. Jordan Greenbaum is a physician specializing in the field of child maltreatment, and the Medical Director of ICMEC’s Global Initiative for Child Health & Well-Being. She received her medical degree from Yale School of Medicine. She works with victims of suspected physical/sexual abuse, neglect and sex trafficking/exploitation at the Stephanie Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Dr. Greenbaum conducts research on child sex trafficking and provides training on all aspects of child maltreatment for medical and non-medical professionals working with children. She delivers training locally, nationally and internationally, working with childserving professionals to prevent, identify and intervene in cases of suspected abuse and sex trafficking.

Jordan Greenbaum, MD Child Abuse Physician | Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Medical Director Global Initiative for Child Health & Well-Being | ICMEC

Partner and Consultant | The Jane Group Jim Hulbert, J.D., is Partner at The Jane Group and a labor and employment lawyer by training. Jim manages the firm’s ongoing caseload and he is the lead consultant on governance and board matters and complex legal matters in the U.S. and throughout the world. In his role with boards, Jim works closely with board chairs and their executive committees, both remotely and on-site. He advises boards on complex issues involving leadership challenges and best practices in governance. Jim also oversees the firm’s international business. He has presented at numerous international education conferences for independent schools, including NESA, EARCOS and at The International Task Force on Child Protection in Dubai. Internationally, the firm also works with CIS, ISS, AAIE, ECIS, ICMEC, NESA and others. Jim assists international school leaders and boards in implementing crisis plans, including communications and protocols, child protection plans, risk management, employment and HR policies. He trains school leadership in crisis management including sexual misconduct issues and other highly sensitive matters.

Jim Hulbert, JD – Partner and Consultant | The Jane Group

Laurie Tasharski facilitates educator training and oversees all aspects of the ICMEC Education Portal including development, review, and creation of child protection resources for international schools and youth-serving organizations. Ms. Tasharski has worked internationally for 26 years, primarily in training and education. Prior to her work in child protection she facilitated professional development and taught in national and international schools, receiving a Master of Education, First Class Honors from Trinity College, Dublin. As a contributing member of the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP) she works closely with senior leaders across the international education and child protection fields and presents on a variety of child protection topics to such organizations as AAIE, AASSA, AISA, ECIS, Tri-Association, Office of Overseas Schools, ISS and CIS.

Laurie Tasharski, MEd Education Advisor and Training Facilitator | ICMEC

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