Sant´Anna International School, founded 33 years ago, offers a Brazilian Program, which consists of a regular Brazilian school, and an International Program, certified by Cognia, integrating and demanding both the American and the Brazilian Curriculum. Although its native language is English, students also develop proficiency in Portuguese.


At the Brazilian program, students contemplate the Brazilian curriculum, having English as regular classes, and Spanish starting in 6th Grade. The school calendar starts in January and ends in December. This program accepts students from 18 months and above.


At the International Program, students contemplate both curriculums, where students are literate in English and Portuguese, receiving double certification. The school calendar starts in August and ends in June. This program accepts students from 3 years and above.


To obtain more information, such as school hours, tuition and others, please send an email to or send an admission application form with the grade (s) you are applying for.