Beginning of in person school activities

Dear Parents or Guardians,

I hope this message finds you well.

It is with enthusiasm that we announce that in the beginning of August we will return for in person school activities, according to the schedule below. Our reopening is based on the DECREE No. 65.849, dated JULY 6, 2021, which was written based on national and international studies, and which guides that the school return and other classroom activities in schools must respect the minimum distance of 1 (one) meter between students, in all school environments, including those of common access, for the development of any activities. Based on this determination and taking into consideration the size of the Sant’ Anna classrooms, which are much larger than the average size required by the secretary of education, we will be able to welcome all students, without the need for rotation.

Please note that the decree also requires the monitoring of COVID-19 spread, observing the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Surveillance Agency, as well as the guidelines of the State Department of Health, which is already in place at Sant’ Anna since returning to face-to-face activities.

It is important to mention that the studies show that keeping schools open and safe for the development of in-person classes and activities, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, is an essential measure to ensure the learning and maintenance of physical and mental safety for children and young people, and point out the damage caused by the absence of face-to-face activities in schools throughout this pandemic period.

Thus, for reasons of internal organization, we ask parents and guardians to only fill out the form if they so choose NOT to send their children to school at this time, to complete the survey (link below) by July 26th.

Link: Pesquisa Sant’ Anna

Here are the start dates of the in-person activities, remembering that from this semester on, we will return to normal class hours, including lunch hours, for groups that have afternoon classes.


Brazilian Program – Ensino Médio and Fundamental Anos Iniciais (1º ao 5º ano)

International Program – High School and Elementary School


Brazilian Program – Educação Infantil and Fundamental Anos Finais (6º  ao 9º ano)

International Program – ECE and Middle School

Details about the daily routine of each course will be informed by the Principals via e-mail or the meetings that will take place next week.


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