High school

High School begins on 9th grade and ends on 12th grade, according to the North American Education System. The course program reflects what Sant’Anna considers essential: to prepare committed, critical, respectful, fully trained and well-prepared students to continue their studies in the best Universities in Brazil and abroad. The academic curriculum is demanding, as it aligns with the International and Brazilian prerequisites for undergraduate students; subjects are taught both in English and Portuguese.

The High School adopts the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system, in which all students must bring their laptops to develop the activities proposed by teachers. In addition to regular classes, 6 electives (Digital Arts, Fine Arts, Public Speaking, Spanish, Music and The 20th Century in Cinema) focus on improving different skills in a process that values student protagonism and autonomy during student’s search for their personal and professional development. Students participate in a variety of transition activities in order to assist students with course adaptation during 9th grade. By 10th grade, preliminary SAT (PSAT) exams and simulations for main Brazilian entrance exams are part of the academic program. Students in all grades may participate in extracurricular activities such as: Sports, National Honor Society, Student Council, Model of United Nations (MUN), which helps in the development of leadership skills. In addition, learners are encouraged and supported by a pedagogical team aiming to achieve the success of the students in first place.