Middle School

Middle School, which includes 6th through 8th grade school years, is designed to receive students from Elementary School and prepare them academically, personally and professionally for High School, with a focus on student training as a whole. The academic curriculum is demanding, once it aligns international and Brazilian prerequisites for undergraduate students; subjects are taught both in English and Portuguese. The curriculum is composed of disciplines such as theater, music, art and sports program, which provide the student with an education that values the development of cognitive, individual and social aspects.

To be part of the sports program, student’s participation depends on their academic performance, where the student has the opportunity to develop his motor skills and learn team spirit and teamwork, putting morals values into practice.

The “House Challenge” program proposes to encourage collaborative teamwork through activities designed to integrate Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School students. At the same time that social skills are stimulated into groups, that have students of diverse ages, the proposed activities also develop academic abilities, once students are exposed to logical challenges that involve problem solving. In addition to that, the program aims to make children learn, in a playful way, the importance of respect for others and teamwork.


Once a month, Middle School students participate in counseling meetings, led by a teacher-tutor and are prepared to make decisions at this important stage of their lives. The teacher-tutor is the person who knows well the students and is able to closely talk with them in groups, or individually to monitor academic and social development. The teacher-tutor acts as a student´s advocate, providing constant support for each student by creating a student-teacher support relationship and by listening and responding to student problems. Students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills creatively.