News for 2020

Thinking of you, your family and your routine, Sant’Anna has great news to share.

Starting in 2020, Sant’Anna will begin accepting children from 1 year and 6 months to 2 years and 11 months. This group is called Sant’Anna Baby. At this age, discoveries are endless and nap time is part of the routine.

Classes are only in Portuguese, children can enter ECE when they are 3 years old.

Morning group Afternoon group
Arrival time: 7h30AM Arrival  time: 1h10PM
Dismissal  time: 12h10PM Dismissal time: 6h10 PM

All materials and meals are included.

For the morning group, we have some options to extend children’s time at school, such as the option to pay for extra hours (Sant´Anna Care), full-time care from 7h30 AM until 6h10 PM (Sant´Anna Plus) or the option to choose the days of the week you would like your child to come full-time (Sant´Anna Daily).

Sant’Anna Mais (full time) is now called Sant’Anna Plus.

At Sant’Anna Plus children remain at school full-time, from 7h30AM until 6h10PM. During the morning they have regular classes and in the afternoon the school, under the guidance of classroom assistants, provides many activities, sports and projects to explore. All classes (morning and afternoon) are exclusively in Portuguese.

Arrival time: 7h30AM
Dismissal time: 6h10PM

Students in ECE (up to K5) can stay at Sant’Anna Plus after finishing classes at 3h15PM, until 6h10PM. 

Snack and lunch can be sent from home or contracted through the cafeteria, which offers a very nutritious menu, elaborated by our nutritionist.

Do you like the idea of leaving your child full-time at school but only want to have them attend a few days a week? No problem! Now, you can choose 1 to 4 days a week for your child to attend and stay after class for some fun activities.

Students from ECE (up to K5) can stay at Sant’Anna Daily from 3h15PM until 6h10PM. 

Snack can be sent from home or contracted through the cafeteria for the days your child stays with us.


Do you have an appointment late in the day? Do you need someone to stay with your child for a couple of extra hours? Do you need someone to be with your children until you finish a last minute meeting?

We understand that your daily routine is not an easy one and considering this, we now offer extra hours of care for your child, after normal classes are finished (3h15PM). We will have everything ready to assist your child for the number of hours needed, preparing snacks so you have one less thing to worry about.

Dismissal time: 18h10PM

How it works: We need 24 hours notice to plan to have your child join us in Sant’Anna Care. Parents need to access the Sant’Anna app and reserve the number of hours needed for the next day. Payments will be due the following month through a payment slip we will send you*.

*rules apply, please consult the Admissions Department.

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