ORIENTATION – Registration for 2022 Extracurricular Activities


1- Login

Log in to the Student Area: http://www.santanna.g12.br/aluno

NOTE: The registration must be performed by the Financial Responsible.


User ID: CPF of the Financial Responsible (Only Numbers)

Password: the same already used in the APP / Student Area / Enrollment Portal



2- Access the Registration page for Extracurricular Activities (as shown in the image below – click on the links highlighted in red to access the page):



3- Enroll Student: Select the Student and the desired Extracurricular Activity and click on the Enroll Student button.



After clicking Enroll Student, a popup will appear confirming the enrollment option. Click on the Yes button.



The registration confirmation message will appear, advising you to proceed with the contract signature.



4- Sign Contract: under the Student Enrollment section, the list of Enrolled Enrollments is shown.

In order to complete the enrollment process, the Financial Responsible must sign the contract electronically by clicking on the Sign Contract button.



After clicking Sign Contract, the system will open a window with the contract to perform the electronic signature. Click on the button “Assinar”.


On the next screen, the data of the Financial Responsible will appear, please review and click on “Próximo”.


Then you will be asked for a token (6-digit code) that Clicksign sends to the Financial Responsible’s email. Enter the token received in the email and click on “Finalizar”.


The subscription process is complete according to the confirmation message in the image, just click Back to return to the previous screen.

Returning to the previous screen, the registration that had the contract signed will appear with the message Signed Contract.

After signing all parts of the contract, a copy of the signed contract is automatically sent to the Responsible’s email.

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