Educação Infantil


Our school is bigger than the world. Every child has the right to experience childhood in its entirety.

Wholeness of time, of opportunities, of discoveries, of meaningful learning, and of powerful relationships.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia, we offer a space where children have the right to play, imagine, explore, and learn.

Therefore, Educação Infantil at Sant’Anna International School, based on the four pillars of Education: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be, defends the culture of childhood.

Thus, there is an immeasurable dedication in welcoming the children to our school. There is constant observation and reflection on pedagogical practices, exchange of experiences among professionals, elaboration of ideas, and organization of consistent actions based on principles and values expressed with clarity and care.

The welfare of the child and the partnership with the families is of utmost importance to us all. As Paulo Freire wrote: “School is above all people, people who work, who study, who are happy, who know and esteem each other.”

We believe that! Our school is bigger than the world because it is also made of people.

Sant'Anna Baby

Sant’Anna Baby receives children starting at 1 year and a half of age until 2 years and eleven months. At this age, the discoveries are infinite and, because everything is new for them, the children still have nap time, respecting the routine.

All materials and food are included in the tuition! For those in the morning class, we have some options to extend your child's stay at school, either through Sant'Anna Care (extra hours), Plus (full program), or Daily (full, a few times a week).

Educação Infantil

Courses and Periods

Program Morning Class Afternoon Class
Sant'Anna Baby
Starting at 1 year and 6 months-old
7.30 AM to 12.10 PM 1:10 PM to 6 PM
Educação Infantil
G3, G4, and G5
7.30 AM to 12.10 PM -

Thinking of you, your family, and your day, Sant'Anna created outlets to assist your child during this period:

If you have any doubts, look for the Admission department and we will be ready to answer! We thank you for your partnership and trust as always.
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