Ensino Fundamental Anos Finais

As for that in the Fundamental Anos Finais, teenagers participate with a bigger sense of criticism implied into diverse communicative situations, we begin to broaden even more this autonomy which has been conquered, so that interactions between the community can flow with freedom, responsibility, and mutual sense of tolerance. This transition not only allows bigger independence, but also the deepening of related knowledge into the different areas of learning.

With the ascension of their protagonism, students from Ensino Fundamental Anos Finais, participate in programs that integrate 6ºs, 7°s, 8°s and 9ºs Anos, as the House Challenge Project, containing the fundamental structure for citizenship acquisition. Life Project also takes part into our curriculum, with the mission to prepare students for the socioemotional challenges that may arise in their teenage years.

In this segment, our pedagogical team elaborates the learning process with activities that work in favor of autonomy and development of critical thinking, aligned with collaborative work: we need to think of our students as members of a community, capable of not only receiving from it, but also cooperating with its improvement, conscious of it rights and obligations, and habile to deal with conflictive situations.

To mold our students into people that value autonomy and empathy, can only be possible if, since Fundamental Anos Finais, they gain access to this experience.