Ensino Médio

The decision-making process for the right school to graduate from your Ensino Médio is of great concern for parents and the students themselves, once this phase of their academical life approaches, students begin to envision their future from a new perspective, feeling the obligation and right to participate in this decision, as the protagonists of their own existence. Such concern has gained yet another layer, taking into consideration the changes proposed by the Common Curriculum Nacional Base.

In Sant’Anna International School, this choice is clear in the sights of our student’s horizons: here, they find excellent infrastructure and capable teachers, armed with a vast curriculum, including experience when working with teenagers.

By daily pedagogical actions, we value the work with abilities imposed in each area and socioemotional skills (work and life project, argumentation, self knowledge and self care, empathy and cooperation, responsibility and citizenship), giving continuation to the integral process of formation, which was initiated in Ensino Fundamental.

Evaluation System

The system of evaluations constructs an environment where it is necessary for students to have a constant study integrated in their routine, through monthly simulados (since 1º série do Ensino Médio) and differentiated workload, to ensure requirements for global values and acceptance at the best universities.

The focus of Ensino Médio goes way beyond vestibular in which is a specific transition part of a major process, or better said: the pedagogical proposal made by the school indulges not only the adaptation into the college and university world, but also in the work world, adulthood.