Centro de Aprendizagem e Informação

The Learning and Information Center (CAI) of Sant’Anna International School has the purpose of acting in partnership with faculty, in order to contribute to an integral formation from the learners, encourage the habit of reading and provide them access to information, literature, culture, and recreation.

Lending Policies

All the collection is available in CAI for local consultation. All the collection is available for lending, with the exception of referential materials, DVDs, some CDs, games, magazines, journals, and maps.

The quantity of items to be lent , as well as the due date for return, varies depending on the category of the users, as follow:



Late or lost returns

The lending of materials is a free service, however sanctions are applicable for late return and it demands material replacement in the case of loss or damage.

Acess our catalog and supply availability.

Learning and Information Center

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